Design for CARE

During my final term at Parsons School of Design, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in a class entitled “Design for Care”, which focused on sustainable fashion that could be washed in water, preferably machine laundered. The course was sponsored by Tide/Proctor & Gamble.

For this class, I designed two garments, the first being an asymmetrical gown in washed silk, with indigo dye. This gown was later selected for display as part of the Parsons: Impact! festival, a public exhibition held at South Street Seaport, 117 Beekman St., New York. This gown can be worn in a few different ways, allowing the wearer flexibility to create different looks. Also, the bias drape allows the gown to accommodate a wide size range, thus allowing it to be worn even if the wearer’s figure changes over time. (Photo credits: photographer – Zhi Wei, photographer’s assistant – Alejandra Sandoval Hernandez, hair & makeup – Rose Fortuna, model – Ashley Mingot.)

Washed silk asymmetric dress on display at Parsons: Impact!. May 21, 2016.

The second garment I designed was a two-piece jacket and skirt ensemble in off-white wool silk blend double face fabric, with indigo dye. The fabric was washed in a laundry machine before sewing, and dyeing was done on the completed jacket and skirt. Both pieces were washed a final time to ensure colour fastness. (Photo credits: photographer – Djiun Wang; model – Milly Zhang.)