Zero Waste Design

Zero Waste Capsule CollectionThe concept of zero waste design means finding ways to create garments without wasting any fabric during the production process. All of the items in this collection are zero waste, meaning each garment was made starting from a single piece of fabric and all parts of that piece were used as design elements of the garment.

Zero waste design also means finding ways to lower the environmental impact of all aspects of the garment, including textile manufacture, the resources required to care for the garment during its life span, ways to extend its life span and what happens to the garment at the end of its life.

The starting fabrics chosen for this collection were chosen for their sustainability: 100% silk, a cotton/silk blend and 100% bamboo viscose. All three fabrics are derived from natural sources and are biodegradable and compostable. In addition, all three fabrics may be washed in water, meaning that any garments made from these fabrics do not need to be dry-cleaned.

In each of the garments of this collection, fabric excess has been folded to the inside, thus allowing for further customization of the fit to the wearer’s body. This also means that each garment can accommodate changes in figure over the wearer’s lifetime, thus extending the life span of the garment. Streamlined, elegant silhouettes were chosen to withstand the test of time.

Zero Waste Portfolio

Download the Zero Waste Capsule Collection (3 MB, PDF)